Distance Learning Support

Distance Learning Support

Support for Distance Learning at Luna Community College is in large part thanks to a five year, $2.8 million U.S. Department of Education Title V grant which was awarded in 2007 and ended in 2012. Through the efforts of this program, LCC has increased its technological infrastructure, standardized instructional design/delivery methods, and developed online student services and academic support services. Distance Learning Services was institutionalized once grant funding ended in September 2012. Instructional Designer Larry Paiz is responsible for managing and maintaining these systems.

Currently, LCC has many course offerings online including an entier Associate's degree in Business Administration. Below are instructional videos and files that address many of the most commonly found technical support issues.

Support Documentation

Requirements for taking online classes (video | pdf)
How to create your student account (video | pdf)
How to access and use PLATO (video | pdf)
Configuring Firefox for BlackBoard (video | pdf)
Configuring IE8 for Blackboard (video | pdf)
Accessing LCC's Remote Desktop (video | pdf)

For technical assistance with BlackBoard\Wimba for online classes, Pathways for online student services, PLATO for English, Reading, and Math courses, or the LCC Remote Desktop System; please see our supporting documentation, or contact one of our staff members.

Larry Paiz - Instructional Designer
Larry Paiz
Instructional Designer
Blackboard & Wimba Support 24/7, online course management, system administration.


Why our students choose Luna Community College

Near the end of the fall 2011 semester, a survey was conducted to determine student satisfaction. One of the questions asked was, "Why did you choose to attend Luna Community College?" This question was designed to determine how LCC is viewed by our local communities. The results showed that 58.24 percent identified affordability as the major factor in choosing LCC.

The next highest reason for selecting LCC was our convenient locations (48.90 percent).

One of the lowest reasons identified as a contributing factor to selecting LCC at only 13.19 percent was our reputation for a quality education.

While this may seem disheartening at first glance, especially to our hard working faculty members, this question was designed to gauge community perception of LCC rather than student satisfaction. As a matter of fact, student satisfaction of our academic programs and instruction was high according to the same survey. Students were asked to rate their satisfaction level in several areas on a scale from 1=strongly dissatisfied to 5=strongly satisfied. The results showed that in every satisfaction question asked regarding quality of education, students were satisfied to strongly satisfied.

What this indicates is that the students of Luna Community College believe that they are receiving a quality education, even if quality is not the first consideration when choosing LCC. So how do we proceed from here? LCC needs to change its image in our communities. We need for our constituents to see LCC as more than just an affordable, convenient college and start to see us as a place to gain a quality education as well.

Distance Learning Support Documentation

How to create Blackboard/Student Account

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