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General Agriculture

General Agriculture

Associate of Applied Science degree

The Associate of Applied Science degree in General Agriculture is an introductory program designed for individuals seeking employment opportunities in the agriculture industry or for transferability to a university. The curriculum includes instruction in technology principles and agricultural operations. Since the program offers students a choice of general education core and electives, it is extremely important for the student to use care in course selection. If the primary goal is to transfer, the student must learn in advance of the particular requirements of the intended school or university. If the primary goal involves occupational skills or personal growth, the student must consult with an LCC advisor before selecting courses.

Degree Requirements - Minimum of 61 Credit Hours Print Requirements

General Education Core       (33 hours)
Area I.    Communications       (9 hours)
ENG111Freshman Composition I 3 credits
ENG115Freshman Composition II 3 credits
SPCH111Public Speaking-or- 3 credits
SPCH112Interpersonal Communication 3 credits
Area II.    Mathematics       (4 hours)
MATH116Intermediate Algebra 4 credits
Area III.    Laboratory Science-or-
Area IV.    Social and Behavioral Sciences-or-
Area V.    Humanities and Fine Arts       (20 hours)
Program Requirements       (16 hours)
AG105Introduction to Animal Science 3 credits
AG110Introduction to Agriculture Economics and Business 3 credits
AG205Agriculture Management Principles 3 credits
AG250Agriculture Internship 4 credits
AG260Research Methods in General Agriculture 3 credits
Related Studies       (3 hours)
CSA150Computer Fundamentals 3 credits
Approved Electives       (9 hours)
AG115Introduction to Aquaculture 4 credits
BIO127General Botany 4 credits
BIO142General Zoology 4 credits
EQU105Equine Behavioral Practices 3 credits
EQU120Equine Health and Nutrition 3 credits
EQU140Equine Anatomy and Physiology I 4 credits
EQU150Introduction to Horseshoeing and Blacksmithing 3 credits
EQU155Advanced Horseshoeing and Blacksmithing 3 credits
EQU210Equine Genetics 3 credits
HRTC105Garden Maintenance & Design 3 credits
HRTC122Plant Propagation 3 credits
HRTC131Soil Management 3 credits
SMET101Intro to Science, Math, & Engineering Technology 3 credits

General Agriculture Curriculum Profile 2012-2015

Program Resources

For more information, please contact:
Program Director: Gary Martinez
Email: access@luna.edu

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