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MATH095 - Algebra with Applications

Credit Hours: 4.0

Previously offered as MATH106.

This course will provide a mathematically sound and comprehensive coverage of the basic computational skills involved in introductory algebra. Emphasis will be placed on solving linear equations/inequalities, absolute value equations, inequalities, graphing simple functions, finding the slope/equation of a straight line, study of parallel/perpendicular lines, and graphing linear inequalities in two variables. This course will also provide extensive coverage of applied geometry as it relates to calculating perimeters, areas, surface areas and volumes. Prerequisite: MATH075 or equivalent COMPASS/ACT score.

Summer 2015

Course Sec Days Beg Date End Date Times Campus
MATH095 01 -MTWR-- 06/01/15 07/24/15 10:00AM - 11:50AM Main Campus
MATH095T 30 -MTWR-- 06/01/15 07/24/15 11:00AM - 12:50PM Santa Rosa
MATH095R 40 -MTWR-- 06/01/15 07/24/15 11:00AM - 12:50PM Off Site

Fall 2015

Course Sec Days Beg Date End Date Times Campus
MATH095 01 -MTWR-- 08/24/15 12/11/15 8:00AM - 8:50AM Main Campus
MATH095R 01 --T-R-- 08/25/15 12/11/15 5:00PM - 6:40PM Main Campus
MATH095 04 -MTWR-- 08/24/15 10/16/15 11:00AM - 12:50PM Main Campus
MATH095R 20 --T-R-- 08/25/15 12/11/15 5:00PM - 6:40PM Springer
MATH095T 30 --T-R-- 08/25/15 12/11/15 5:00PM - 6:40PM Santa Rosa
MATH095R 40 --T-R-- 08/25/15 12/11/15 5:00PM - 6:40PM Off Site


Title Edition Author ISBN Price Publisher
Introductory & Intermediate Algebra An Applied Approach Through Applications 3rd Akst & Brag 9780321826039 None Pearson

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